Make your wedding scent as individual as your day with niche perfume

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Isn’t it amazing how your sense of smell and memory can make such strong connections? Certain sun lotions can take you back to a special holiday, a perfume to the particular time period you wore it – who didn’t wear one of Britney’s in high school? – and you could pick your mum’s soup out of a scent line-up no bother.

That’s why we’d make a passionate case for falling in love with a new fragrance for your wedding. Yes, you might already have your old faithful that your other half picks you up every time they pass through duty free, but this isn’t going to be any ordinary day. Finding something new that will forever be your ‘wedding smell’ is just another way to remember this special time.

Online perfume shop Notino is bursting with much-loved brands including Gucci, Chanel and Jo Malone London, but there’s plenty to discover if you delve a little deeper and seek out something more unique.


Independent brand Amouage is based in London now, but it was originally founded by a member of the Omani royal family, meaning you can expect the completely distinctive notes of a Middle Eastern scent – spices, woods and rare florals.

Many of the fragrances are unisex, but creative director, Christopher Chong has also designed certain collections with a ‘ying yang’ concept, where the male and female versions have been delicately balanced to compliment each other. Notino also carries the line’s scented candles so you can extend the scents throughout your venue.

Seek out bestsellers Beach Hut, Reflection and Jubilation 25 for men and Blossom Love, Sunshine and Epic for women.

perfume bottles

A newer brand that’s quickly attracting a following amongst perfume connoisseurs is Mancera. It first launched in 2008 and fuses Western and Eastern influences including rich notes such as aoud, Wood of Macassar, rosewood, saffron and leathers. The brand carries a wide range of unisex fragrances and has been picked up by some of the world’s leading department stores.

Two of the most popular are Cedrat Boise and Gold Intensive Aoud. Cedrat Boise is a lighter aromatic citrus choice, with Sicilian lemon and jasmine and a woody base including oak moss and leather, while Gold Intensive Aoud taps into a trend that’s rippling across the entire fragrance industry. As the rise of tourism to the area grows, Arabian oud is surging in popularity and mainstream brands are rushing to tap into the new fanbase of the instantly recognisable, luxurious woody aroma.

Picking a new perfume that stands out from the more ubiquitous choices won’t just be something new for you either. You’ll be hugging guests all day and, as much as we love a Coco Mademoiselle or One Million, nothing will draw compliments like a scent that’s not a run-of-the-mill choice.