Making a spectacle: our pick of the prettiest big day glasses

Who says boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?
writes Sheridan Scott…

The brides who look most beautiful on their wedding day are the ones that look the most comfortable and are the best version of themselves – but what if your normal self has four eyes instead of two? The pressure for a bride to ditch the glasses on the big day stems from the age-old high-school movie cliche of geeky girl removes her specs and suddenly becomes popular and ‘attractive’. But glasses are totally back in vogue with eyewear a staple accessory on the catwalk and many non-prescription lads and ladies clamouring to wear a pair of fabulous frames.

It has become apparent that the most common fear about wearing glasses on your wedding day is not being able to see the eyes beneath. The improvements in anti-glare and crystal-clear lenses over the last few years have been vast, so we can safely say that hiding behind your frames is a thing of the past. Upgrading to a thinned-down lens with an anti-reflective coating will make your eyes (and makeup) stand out as if they are clear, letting your frames do the talking – if you want them to!

Never underestimate the power of a good wedding photographer. Chat to them about any queries you have about your glasses and suggest a test shoot if you need reassurance. Natural light (when possible) is always a winner and snapping from slightly above the frames can help combat the dreaded glare.

In terms of your big day makeup look, less can be more, especially when wearing glasses. Talk to your makeup artist and try a few different looks with the frames you have chosen to wear. Your glasses create a natural focal point on your face, so you don’t want to go overboard on the smokey eye or use bright eye colours. Good eyebrows are the perfect way to define the features of your face shape and waterproof mascara is a must, to keep your lenses as clean as possible. Translucent powder will not only set your makeup, but will help block any marks on your nose should you choose to take your glasses off.

Glasses are often the first thing you notice about a person’s face but – let’s be honest – on this occasion they’ll have to play second fiddle to the dress. This is why it’s important that you choose wisely when picking your wedding-day frames. If you are a full-time wearer, your partner will be used to seeing you with glasses on, so maybe surprise him or her at the top of the altar with something a little different!

We’ve put together a hit-list of the hottest frames for the bespectacled bride-to-be:

1. The Classic Bride
Not your average rectangular frame, these stunning Chanel glasses are finished with the classic chain detailing along the legs. The raised temples will flatter your cheekbones and the nude tone will warm your face. Finish the look with pink and champagne tones on the eyes.

Miu Miu
2. The Vintage Bride
Vintage lovers will usually gravitate to a cat eye, but these Miu Miu frames take it to the next level. The dramatic shape will make a statement, softened by the warming gold tone. Complete this look with flicked eyeliner and red lips.

Ray Ban Clubmasters
3. The Hipster Bride
A twist on the iconic Ray Ban Clubmasters, these are frames you can trust for fashion longevity with their polished edge and gold accents.

Miu Miu
4. The Colourful Bride
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! With these stunning acetate Miu Miu frames you can tick two boxes off your checklist.

5. The Modern Bride
A modern take on a classic style, these Prada Parallel Universe frames give a new look to tortoishell lovers by framing itself entirely in pink. Fluttering lashes and a high-gloss lip will seal the deal.