Mind, body and Soulmatefood: we try new a pre-wedding food delivery service


There’s something fundamentally grim about starting a new diet.

Even the word brings up nasty connotations of rumbling tummies, sachets of space food and dropping things like wheat and sugar, but adding in loads of mysterious chemicals you can’t pronounce, let alone spell. Luckily, the tides are turning. More and more of us are getting in to ‘clean eating’, and feeling the benefit of eating lots of healthy, fresh food.

The only downside is the time spent preparing the good-for-you-grub – it’s much easier to pop a Weight Watchers ready meal into the microwave than soak quinoa overnight. The good news for time-strapped brides is meal delivery and juice cleanse company Soulmatefood has launched a Wedding Plan, tailored specifically for your goals, whether that’s vitality, fuel for fitness or just to drop a few pounds before the big day.

I’d heard everyone from The Saturdays to Pippa Middleton were fans of the healthy prepared meals, not to mention the stand-out celeb bride of the year Michelle Keegan, so I was excited to sample a three-day trial of the new Wedding Plan. With three meals and two snacks, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll feel hungry, and it was a revelation to discover the treats that are normally the first casualty of a new health kick were still allowed (hiya, pork with rosemary new potatoes and low carb chocolate & chia muffin!).

Those superfoods you keep getting told you’re supposed to eat, but you’re not sure of how to incorporate – or even find? They’re bundled in with yummy nibbles, like oatcakes with green chia dip, or mango, passionfruit and goji berry smoothie. It’s a focus on being healthy inside and out that I haven’t seen with any other convenience-led food delivery service.

You can expect two deliveries of three day’s worth of food per week, meaning you’ll have a day ‘off’ on Sunday. The company are happy to make recommendations to keep you on track, and if you stick to the plan and don’t go crazy on Sundays, you can expect to lose one to two pounds per week, without sacrificing taste, ending up hungry, or not getting enough nourishment and nutrients.

Plans cost £165 per week, but signing up for a four or 12 week plan will discount the weekly plan price. To save 20% on your plan enter SCOTWED20 at checkout.

0870 8033 833, www.soulmatefood.com