Nailed it: cool nail art ideas for your big day

Image: DIY Nails

In years gone by, everybody coveted awkwardly long, square, French polished talons (in 2005 I was full of nail envy for Tanya from Footballers’ Wives).

In 2014 nails are shorter and much more decorative. Extensions are used to ensure all nails are an equal size and, increasingly, to add enough length for a stiletto point. Nails are often a ‘safe’ part of bridal beauty planning, with many brides loving the understated elegance of a French mani, or matching their Shellac to their colour scheme. For those looking for something a little different, though, nail art can be eye-catching, personal and look great in those close-up ring photos.

Swoon nails

1. Swoon Nails’ heart manicure would look so cute with red lipstick, essential for a vintage-loving bride! (

The Nail Parlour
2. The accent nail on the wedding ring finger on this set from The Parlour Nail Bar is perfect for bridal (

Nails Inc.
3. Monogramming your initials is an on-trend way to spell out your devotion to each other. This Nails Inc. kit (£20) is available from Very (

DIY Nails
4. DIY Nails can create custom nail decals for you, so having your new hubby’s face mixed in with your mani would no doubt be a talking point! (