Need a chic wedding gift? Try Bridal Illustrations by Megan Alexander

megan alexander illustrations

Being a bride is tough, sure, but being a wedding guest can be harder than it seems at times. You have to secure accommodation that’s a little too in-demand, find an outfit that makes you look fab without stealing anyone’s thunder (that means no white people), and laugh dutifully at a best man speech you’re sure you’ve heard a hundred times before.

And then there’s the issue of gifts. What on earth do you give to your pal to commemorate what’s sure to be one of the biggest days of their life?

There’s the gift list, of course – that’s what it’s there for. But when it’s someone you’ve been best mates with since you were wee, a toaster just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Step forward Bridal Illustrations by Megan Alexander.

An Inverness—based artist, Megan is a graduate of Gray’s School of Art, where she specialised in textiles and surface design, with a focus on figurative illustration. Now Megan likes to focus on emulating brides’ wedding dresses in artistic and colourful compositions, as this enables her to combine her love of art, fashion and weddings.

Megan uses a range of photographs as references to help her recreate the dress, starting off with a series of rough sketches before adding depth and colour as she develops the work. She especially loves working with pencil and ink, which allows her to be increasingly free and instinctive in her style.

We reckon any bride would love to see the most important dress of their life immortalised in such a gorgeous, artistic way. Of course, you could always commission one of Megan’s illustrations for yourself as a reminder of how ace you looked on your special day.

For further information and prices, contact Megan at, or check out her website or Instagram page to see the full range of her work.