Need help proposing this Valentine’s Day? Let Grand Central Hotel help

Grand Central Proposal

Do you know someone who needs a little, ahem, encouragement before they pop the question? They may be in luck, as Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow has decided to give some apprehensive boyfriends and girlfriends a little helping hand.

As a nod to its long history as a backdrop for proposals, Grand Central celebrates a ‘Month of Love’ this February by offering three people the chance get down on one knee under its beautiful crystal chandelier on Valentine’s Day. Just imagine the #engagement announcement!

If cold feet have still got the better of you, keep reading. Grand Central knows that proposing can be scary, so it’s got an incentive up it’s sleeve (if spending forever with the love of your life wasn’t incentive enough already).

Should you accept the four-star hotel’s help, you’re sure to be spoiled, as anyone choosing to organise their proposal at the hotel will be gifted a complimentary three-course meal at the Tempus restaurant, a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne, as well as an overnight stay. Because free stuff makes everything better – including proposals.

And don’t worry: if you’re already happily married or enjoying the single life, you can still get involved with the ‘Month of Love’ fun as the hotel will also be launching its ‘Love Potions’ cocktail menu. Think flirty concoctions such as the vodka-based Raspberry Affair or the Cherry Allure gin cocktail. The full list will be available from February 1st with prices starting at £8, so everyone can get in the spirit, be it matrimonial or alcoholic.

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring and be considered as one of the three lucky couples who get to pop the question at Grand Central Hotel this Valentine’s Day, then email by Wednesday 6th February for more information.

It’s a yes from us!