New Perthshire wedding venue Culdees Castle Estate has quirky spaces and a fascinating story

The picture-perfect spot has bags of old-world charm and a fabled history, but it’s the quirky new spaces that have caught our eye and made Culdees Castle Estate a sought after Scottish venue

Exterior shot of Culdees Castle with a peacock in the foreground

If you’re hoping for a wedding worthy of a fairytale, new Perthshire wedding venue Culdees Castle Estate in Crieff may be the place for you: not only does the castle look like it’s come straight from the pages of a storybook, it’s got its own Cinderella story to boot.

After 50 years of lying in disrepair, Culdees was purchased by Tracey and Robbie in 2019, and the couple and their family have committed to restoring it for future generations. That’s where you come in: any proceeds from weddings will go towards the restorations, meaning you can feel even better knowing that you’re spreading the love around.

The glass-roofed castle courtyard at Culdees Castle

With the impressive castle as a backdrop, there’s lots of unique spaces available for 2022 nuptials, including a glass-roofed courtyard which sits at the base of the castle and offers magical views of the turrets above. Outside, the extensive lawns are ideal for pitching a marquee where guests will also be afforded spectacular views of the picturesque building. For romantic wild-wedding vibes, there’s even a wooden arch and walkway, complete with burning lanterns. Heavenly.