OMG you can get married at Disneyland Paris now!

We’ve long been obsessed with the amazing Disney weddings at the company’s Florida resort – a shot of the Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridan Hotel is the most Pinned image on our Pinterest – so we felt like our happily ever after had come along when news came this week that the Paris park would now be offering the Fairy Tale Weddings service too.

If you fancy tying the knot at ‘the happiest place on earth’, you’ll be chuffed to hear that there’s as much flexibility as you could expect from a more traditional venue in terms of making your big day your own. Go all out and have appearances from characters and amazing entertainment from the Disney performers, or keep it a tad more mature with discreet décor touches that offer a nod to the iconic brand.

Royal Weddings, which are completely customisable, and Romantic Weddings, which offer a more package-based approach, have been launched at the resort. There’s several locations available too, from the chic Newport Bay Club to *squeals* getting hitched in front of the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Prices start from €32,000 so you best wishing upon a star that your Fairy Godmother chips in to make your Disney dream come true.