PHOTO ALBUM: And they lived happily ever after…

What better way to mark the eve of the royal wedding by celebrating Scottish weddings with serious princess vibes?

Iris Art Photography

We can’t believe we’re going to confess this, but we’re almost glad to see the back of the royal wedding. Don’t get us wrong, we’re so ready to see THE dress and can’t wait to watch how the rest of the day pans out, but we’ve been overwhelmed.

Constant emails pitching us the craziest products (commemorative condoms anyone?), the BBC News app flashing up a notification for the ‘breaking news’ that William is Harry’s best man and the crazy press scrutiny Meghan and her family are under – we could go on but let’s just say Sunday is going to be a well-deserved day of rest for everyone.

But we couldn’t pass up the chance for a very topical Photo Album. Behold Scottish couples on their own fairytale big day, complete with princess ballgowns, stunning palatial architecture, and regal romances destined for a happily ever after…

Archibald Photography
Morgan & Rose Photography
From left: Scott Hogg Photography; John Johnston Photography
Julie Lamont Photography
Scott Hogg Photography
From left: Blue Sky Photography; Siobhan Diamond Photography
John Baikie Photography
SM Photography
From left: Andrew Weild PhotographyBlue Sky Photography
Parris Photography
Morgan & Rose Photography
From left: Ross Barber PhotographyKarolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Parris Photography
Julie Lamont Photography
From left: SM Photography; Iris Art Photography
Karen Thorburn Photography
Dream Day Photography
From left: Pulze Photography; Jarvie & Jones Photography

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