PHOTO ALBUM: Fantastic, fluttery fun? It must be confetti shots!

Unless you’re nibbling on your nails while nervously anticipating your speech, the moments after your ceremony are super chill. The formalities are over and it’s time to party! Relax and enjoy the moment, as a wave of relief washes over you and sticks to your lipgloss… wait, that’s not relief, that’s confetti! The metallic paper and plastic petals you might have chucked over your auntie in the 90s are out (and let’s face it, you now wish you’d chucked eggs at her for making you wear a puffy peach monstrosity). In their place are bio-degradable products, like dried flowers from Shropshire Petals and biodegradable paper pieces from Confetti Lane.

Some insider advice for capturing the perfect confetti burst shot: grin and bear it! Wait until your photographer has finished snapping before you screw up your face and make lizard-like flicks of your tongue to fuss with the flutter. We also reckon it’s time to go big or go home: canons or plentiful portions for guests will have the most visual impact. A quick-off-the-mark photog is essential as the flurry doesn’t last long. Three, two, one: GO!