PHOTO ALBUM: Let it rain down love! Bad weather doesn’t have to spoil the big day

Scotland in the sunshine is truly stop-you-in-your-tracks stunning. The magnificent landscape bathed in a warm glow from rare glorious weather makes for truly breathtaking wedding photos. Stop by any photographer’s stand at a wedding show and that’s what they’ll be showcasing.

Time for a reality check! Whether you get married in July or deepest, darkest December, your chances of rain remain the same: probable. The good news is if you find a wedding photographer in Scotland, they will have experience of working in poor conditions. Snow, sleet, showers, storms or grey overcast skies – and that might even be in the same day. Before signing on the dotted line with your photog, ask to see shots from a wedding where they battled against the elements to check they can bring their A game even when Mr Sun doesn’t have his hat on. In the meantime, we’ve compiled 25 times that bad weather certainly didn’t mean bad photos!