PHOTO ALBUM: Let’s hear it for the boys! Grooms having a top time with their best mates

Aboyne Photographics

It almost seems unfair. Whilst the bride and her maids are being preened to perfection, trying to sip prosecco through a fog of hairspray, the men of the bridal party are often having a cheeky pint and messing around with the photographer. We’re not sure how to inject some equality into this situation. Brides are no more likely to walk up the aisle barefaced than grooms are to sit patiently as a full set of semi-permanent lashes are applied.

For the time being, let’s put our progressive attitudes aside and revel in tradition. When the resulting shots are this good, you wouldn’t deny the guys a bit of carry on. And don’t worry, we ditched all the NSFW photos we could have included…

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