PHOTO ALBUM: Living for the city with urban wedding snaps

Scotland has no shortage of grand country piles, but if you’re a city girl or boy at heart, the thought of no phone signal and midges doesn’t always appeal. Not to mention the gratitude your guests will feel for the plentiful accommodation if they’re from out of town or short journey home for locals that an uptown wedding offers. If the bustling metropolis is calling, you’re going to need a photographer up to the challenge.

Getting creative when the light is blocked by tall buildings, or making a lane look romantic taps into a different skillset than capturing sweeping countryside landscapes. Most photographers have a preference in the city vs. countryside debate – and some even specialise in urban weddings – so ask to see some relevant examples before snapping yours up. Get ready to be swept of your feet amongst the skyscrapers!

15markanderson_mga6124Mark Anderson Photography