PHOTO ALBUM: Popped the question? We propose an engagement shoot!

We’ve spoken to our fair share of brides and grooms who’ve stuck their nose up at an engagement shoot. Their biggest rebuttal? ‘We hate having our photo taken so we’ve got enough on our plate with the wedding photos!’. We get it. Spending a day with your photographer, breaking the ice and getting used to being in front of the camera won’t improve your wedding photos at all…

Sarcasm aside, making the leap from hiding in the back of group shots with your pals to being thrust front and centre on the big day doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Wouldn’t it be better to get into the groove on a trial run? Not to mention the resulting photographs make for fabulous save the dates, or beautiful snaps that capture you as you are. Wedding dresses are great and all that (and we’re champions of injecting your own personality into your ensemble), but there’s so much more scope to be creative and ‘you’ in a pre-wedding shoot. Have we convinced you yet?