PHOTO ALBUM: The look of love! Newlyweds that are lost in the moment

You might have spent the weeks before your wedding niggling about silly things – well, not helping to glue burlap ribbon to placeholders was a huge deal at the time – but when the big day arrives, emotions will be running so high that your love for your other half will make your painfully obsessive crush on Mark Owen in 1992 look nonchalant.

Nerves will dissipate, months of planning will come to fruition and you’ll be expressing your undying, forever-and-ever love to each other in front of everyone that matters to you. Plus, you’ll both be looking totally fetch. That fear you had about the ‘cheesy’ shots you’d spotted in your photog’s sample albums? You’ll be begging to run through fields staring into each other’s eyes. Just watch out for puddles, ok?