PHOTO ALBUM: Weddings in a winter wonderland

Tandem Photo

Weather is such a hot topic for couples getting hitched in our homeland. When you live in a country that can flip between sun, drizzle, wind and even sleet in one turn of the sun, picking a date can prove an agonising guessing game that will leave you gritting your teeth right up until you fling open the curtains on the big day.

So what do you do? Pay the premium for a summer date and hope for the best? Or join the growing ranks of brides and grooms signing up for a cosy festive celebration? It’s growing year on year, so the discounted rates and plentiful availability won’t last forever. Snow in December can prove just as illusive as sunshine in July, but don’t let that put you off – the colder months bring with them an host of seasonal themes and styling ideas for you to tap into.

Have a scroll through this selection from some of Scotland’s top wedding snappers and if it leaves you lusting after roaring log fires and a nice mince pie, then we might have solved that date dilemma for you. (Your next step: check out some of our fave winter wedding venues)

The Gibsons
Mike Cook Photography
From left: First Light PhotographyThe Gibsons
Tub of Jelly
Craig & Eva Sanders Photography
Blue Sky Photography
Tandem Photo
From left: The Gibsons; GWS Photography
Kirsty Winfield Photography
LS Photography
Aboyne Photographics
Bill Baillie
From left: Blue Sky Photography; Jenniflower Photography
David Grant Simpson
Scott Robb Photography
David Ho Photography