Preserve your moments in time with Forever Casting Studio

You’ve got the rings and photos as physical reminders of the wedding, but have you considered taking it one step further? Cement your new married status with a bespoke cast. Allow us to introduce you to Forever Casting Studio, a family-run endeavour based in Stirlingshire offering body casts to commemorate momentous life occasions.

Owner Lee McGinnis set up the business in 2017 after being unable to find someone who could preserve treasured memories of her mother, who sadly passed away in 2016. Spurred on by this, Lee trained at the renowned Edinburgh Casting Studio and now offers her service around Scotland.

While hands, feet and baby bumps are popular amongst customers, it turns out that rings also lend themselves well to being set in stone. Our favourite has to be linking fingers with your wedding bands on show – it could be a beloved reminder of your big day on your mantelpiece.

Prices for casts start at £80.