Rosemood Atelier has our hearts racing with its new vellum collections

vellum rosemood
Make your plans crystal clear with the new vellum invites from Rosemood Atelier

As organised a bride-to-be as you might think you are, wedding planning will always throw some unexpected curveballs your way. Maybe it’s the hidden costs that come with hiring your venue, or how surprisingly steep it is to hire in props for your decor – that industrial-chic metal bath for your beers certainly doesn’t come cheap. Whatever it is, we’re betting that you wish the process were a lot clearer. 

While we can’t promise to make your journey more straightforward, we can give you a little of the transparency you desire with the new vellum collections from Rosemood Atelier. Inspired by the delicate paper, the stationers have aimed to play around with shadows and superposition, with dazzling results. 

“Our designers have explored a world of styles from the poetic and romantic to the enchanting and playful, using muted and natural tones as a guiding light in creating this new format,” says Rosemood’s Mary Whittle. “Each of our eight new collections has been designed exclusively for Rosemood, using translucency and layers to add to the anticipation.”

The Capitale suite features trendy typefaces and a contemporary layout in a sophisticated black-and-white colourway, while the Dream suites take a look at everything floral. “It is the wonder of light that inspired these motifs,” Mary continues. “Be it Coastal Dream, Mediterranean Dream or Daydreamer, each theme can be dressed in three colours. For our Daydreamer, this is soft grey, blue or forest green.”

So, have we convinced you? You don’t even have to answer, we know you’re already sold – we can see right through you…

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