Say hello to treat tables, graze boxes and afternoon teas by CassaJojo Bakes

Set up by two sisters during lockdown, CassaJojo Bakes is a one-stop-shop for wedding receptions, hen parties and get-togethers

Treat box from CassaJojo Bakes
Pretty in pink: a sweet treat box from CassaJojo Bakes

“We’ve always been incredibly close,” says baker Joanne Davidson of going into business with sister Catherine (or Cassa as she’s known) in lockdown and founding their company, CassaJojo Bakes. “Our granny was a fabulous baker and Cassa has a big passion for baking – it’s been her hobby for many years. I also used to bake when I was younger, before life and work got in the way.”

What brought her back to the baking bowl? “Lockdown left me with a lot of time on my hands and I found myself drawn towards it again,” she says. “I have two girls, aged eight and four, and I began baking with them as an outlet for their creativity and, as it turned out, my own as well.”

As the baking sessions became more and more regular, Joanne and the girls were starting to feel a tad overwhelmed with just how much they were producing.

“Obviously we couldn’t possibly eat everything ourselves, so we started giving things to friends, family and neighbours,” Joanne recalls (oh, to live on that street…). “The feedback we were getting was so fantastic, that Cassa and I decided to take a chance and start our little business, consisting of treat boxes to begin with.

Afternoon tea by CassaJojo Bakes
Get a load of this spread! Afternoon tea is one of the lovely services on offer from CassaJojo Bakes

“We decided from the very beginning that we would only make and bake things we wanted to eat. We also wanted there to be an element of surprise: our customers wouldn’t know what was going to be in the boxes before they purchased them. That’s still the case today! Our first orders went out on June 6th.”

Since then, the dynamic duo’s enterprise has ‘exploded’, and they now offer afternoon tea and graze tables, too.

“The response was incredible,” beams Joanne. “Halfway through August, we realised that the best way forward was for me to give up my job as a part time training co-ordinator for the NHS and take over managing the business full-time to ensure that we could really focus on providing the highest possible level of service to our customers.

“We pride ourselves on using only the best quality, freshest ingredients and pour all of our love into everything we make.”

We’ll take three boxes to go!