See your dream wedding or engagement rings become a reality with Sandy Menzies Jewellery Design

The Aberdeen jeweller has been making rings since 1988, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the state-of-the-art technology used to create the designs. Customers can watch their pieces come to life, realised in full 3D on a computer screen

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CAD impressions of a diamond engagement ring by Sandy Menzies Jewellery Design

Sandy Menzies Jewellery Design has specialised in the design and manufacturing of handmade bespoke jewellery in precious metals and gemstones in Aberdeen since 1988. From the very beginning, designing has been a passion of chief jeweller and owner Sandy, who started out studying jewellery design and printed textiles at Gray’s School of Art in the Granite City.

His aim has always been to provide his customers with high-quality service, unique design solutions and superb, handcrafted jewellery they will treasure. However, in recent years, the company has gradually been changing the way it works, moving from handmade manufacture to computer-aided design, more commonly referred to as CAD. This innovation can help jewellers create, modify and optimise the specifics of a ring design easily on a screen.

Sandy tells us more: “We now work digitally, creating 3D images using jewellery design software called MatrixGold. The images are then rendered in Keyshot (another piece of specialist software) to give customers a virtual photograph of their future design. It can also be made into a turntable animation, allowing them to ‘fly around’ the object.”

Click to see for yourself in the video below – it’s amazing how far digital technology has come in the past few years!

Once the customer is happy with the look of their jewellery, the CAD file is emailed to a casting company in Birmingham which 3D prints the piece in a castable wax resin. This is then used in the ‘lost wax’ casting process to create super-accurate precious metal castings.

“Once the casting is back in Aberdeen, I polish the item, set any stones required before finishing the piece with a final high polish,” explains Sandy.

CAD impressions of three rings by Sandy Menzies Jewellery Design

“Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a loved one, the custom jewellery route will always have a deeper sentimental value. I collaborate with my customers to create a unique jewellery experience – and CAD makes it easy to share the journey with them,” Sandy says.

There are many advantages of using CAD design to produce jewellery, as Sandy notes below:-

  • Accurate geometric layouts for complex stone setting
  • Production of Celtic knot-work designs
  • Analysis of models to find the weight for more accurate pricing
  • Keyshot rendering and animation for greater customer design visualisation
  • Generating surface textures, complex patterns and text
  • Building custom settings to fit unusually shaped stones

CAD impressions of three engraved wedding rings by Sandy Menzies Jewellery Design

“I have many years design experience and a passion for creating imaginative jewellery solutions using the finest quality precious metals and gemstones. Whether I’m working on an elegant, ladies’ diamond engagement ring or gent’s Celtic wedding band, the latest design technology and my superb setting and finishing techniques allow me to provide unparalleled service.”

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