Seven Scottish makeup artists reveal their top wedding beauty tips

Some of our fave beauty professionals share their tried and tested tips, secrets and wonder products to create perfect makeup on your big day

1. Mitchell and Macinnes Makeup

“If your skin looks dull and flaky, it might not be getting enough exfoliation,” say Rhona Mitchell and Sarah Jane Macinnes of Mitchell and Macinnes Makeup. “Use a good exfoliator to smooth away any texture on the skin. We always recommend tight lining your top waterline to give your eyes more definition and make your lashes look thicker. Some of our favourite products include the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat pencil in Pillow Talk (left, £16) – it’s the perfect neutral pink lipliner that stays put all day. We also love Bobbi Brown’s Corrector (right, £28), as it erases any signs of dark shadows and sleepless nights and with a wide range of shades, it’ll suit every skin tone. And we can’t forget Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Primer (centre, £30) – it has a light texture and is great for oily skin.”

2. Karen Bowen

“My top tips for wedding-perfect makeup are, one, use the correct skin care, primer and foundation base for your skin type and, two, always use a primer to hold and intensify eye shadows,” says Karen Bowen. “MAC’s Soft and Gentle highlighter (top, £24) is one of my must-have products. It can be used to highlight and as a shimmer pigment on the eyes. Illamasqua’s primers (bottom, £32), Hydra Veil, Matte Veil and Radiance Veil, are the perfect primers to suit different skin types. And the Tarte ‘In Bloom’ eyeshadow palette (centre, £36) specialises in lovely browns, coppers and nudes, giving intense colour pigment.”

3. Heather Snowie

“I always advise waiting at least five minutes after applying moisturiser before applying concealer and foundation – it gives it a chance to sink in without pulling the foundation in with it,” says Heather Snowie. “My favourite base is Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation (top, £32.50). Another tip: when trying a new look, product or colour, test it out at night before you wash your face, so if you make any mistakes, it’s okay – you were going to wash your face anyway! Practice makes perfect. Two products I can’t live without are Veil Sunset Light Primer (right, £47) and L’Oréal Paris Voluminous mascara (left, £8.49). I never pack my kit without them!”

4. Natalie Ryan

“Double-cleanse your skin at night,” suggests Natalie Ryan. “Use a makeup remover to get your makeup off first, then follow this with a second cleanser to ensure your skin is completely clean and ready for moisturiser. Cleansing skin just once never gets rid of all makeup. It means you’re then applying moisturiser to dirty skin. My go-to products for my brides include Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (bottom right, £9.99). This can be used for anything but I use it mostly on my clients’ lips to make them so and moisturised. MAC’s Strobe Cream (left, £24.50) is amazing. It can be applied under makeup, on top or mixed with your foundation, giving a beautiful glow to the skin. And I can’t live without MAC lipstick in the shade Honeylove (top right, £15.50).

5. Sara Hill

“Have fun with your makeup,” says Sara Hill. “ For me, makeup isn’t about looking groomed, it’s more about self-expression and having fun. So many people think that the thicker the foundation, the more likely it is your makeup will last the day. This isn’t the case. The key to makeup lasting is a three-step process: primer (right, £27), foundation (top left, £28) and setting powder. Always test your foundation on your chest and face, not just your hand – this will help to avoid the ‘orange face, pale body’ effect. And I like to embrace the undone – there’s nothing sexier than a smudged liner. Blend an eyeshadow (bottom left, £16) shade to embrace your inner punk and sass it out!”

6. Ana Cruzalegui

“Before you apply any makeup, prep your skin properly,” says Ana Cruzalegui. “This is so important. Not only will it give you a glow but it will also help your makeup go on smoothly and look fresh all day. My favourite base is Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (right, £13). For a carefree look on the go, I always keep a tinted lip balm in my handbag. It’s a great way to add a touch of colour to your lips and it works a treat as a cream blusher. My favourite products include the Ermana Renew Face Oil (centre, £25) to calm the skin, and the Nyx Proof It Eye Primer (left, £5.50) – use it to ensure your eyeshadow doesn’t budge all day.”

7. Romantique Beauty

“Apply your eye makeup before you apply product to the rest of your face,” advises Stephenie Quinn of Romantique Beauty. “Doing it in this order means you can wipe away any loose powders or excess eyeshadow particles without causing any mess or ruining your base – these would stick to your foundation if it was applied first. My must-have products of the moment include the Born This Way foundation by Too Faced (top right, £29) and Arbonne’s It’s A Long Story mascara (top left, £28). This high-performance lengthening mascara helps create the look of ultra-dramatic lashes. I’m also loving the Lip Ammunition lipstick in the shade Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star (bottom, £16). The colour is highly pigmented and adds impact with just one swipe on the lips. I love it.”