Seven steps to get your skin looking its best for the big day

It’s the basis for any bridal look, so get your complexion looking absolutely banging with these experts’ top tips

Give makeup artist Charlene O’Malley a call and you can look just as luminous as this lovely bride (Photo: John Baikie Photography)


“Wearing SPF daily is essential for protecting the skin against environmental damage, ageing, and free radicals,” considers Charlene O’Malley at Rococo Studios in Inverness. “However, if your SPF contains titanium dioxide then it shouldn’t be used on the day itself, as it can cause flashback in your photographs.”


“To help achieve glowing skin in the lead-up to the main event, avoid too much alcohol, as this can leave your face looking bloated and dehydrated,” shares Kim Riley, owner of Riley Aesthetics, which offers a range of facial aesthetic treatments in Glasgow. “You should also aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and steer clear of sunbeds, as these can burn and dehydrate your skin.”


“Invest in skincare that is particular to your own type,” advises Inverness-based MUA Sam Whitby. “You may find that with combination skin, you are best using products which correlate to the pairing that you have, like mixing up products targeted at either dry or oily skin, for example.” Sensitive types will want to add ELEMIS’s recent addition, the Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice, to their shopping carts.


“Having a good skincare regime is vital,” says Charlene. “A solid starting point is a gentle cleanse morning and night, and exfoliating once a week, which will help to keep your skin healthy.” We rate bareMinerals’ new three-step PORELESS Collection, designed to refine the skin’s texture and balance hydration levels. “Or, if you want to kick it up a notch, think about incorporating medical-grade serums and products – they are no-nonsense and do exactly what they say on the tin,” Charlene adds.

From left: You and your no.1 lady will be positively glowing thanks to Sam Whitby Makeup Artist (photo: Andy Taylor); Sam Whitby Makeup Artist knows a thing or two about bridal beauty (photo: Andy Taylor)


“I always recommend exfoliating,” Sam says. “It removes any dry, dead skin cells lying on the surface of your face, brightening your complexion and allowing products to be absorbed more effectively. It also means that makeup will apply more evenly to the face. There are various options available, so check the instructions before you use.”


“At Riley Aesthetics, we can provide facials which are tailored to your skin’s needs,” Kim explains. “Dermaplaning is great for removing fine hairs and brightening, or Aqua3 is a five-star facial that really gives your skin the wow factor.” Other services at the Clarkston clinic include wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers or even the much-vaunted vampire facial.


“Your MUA will have their own skin-prep goodies to get you wedding-ready, but I would always recommend gently cleansing the face with a cream cleanser and applying a serum containing hyaluronic acid on to damp skin to help hydrate, before following with moisturiser five minutes later to lock everything in,” says Charlene. “A sheet mask will also help you to relax and give your skin extra benefits.” We’re crushing on Pixi Beauty’s Vitamin C offering, which promises to instantly awaken and energise skin. Yes please!

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