Shower guests in glitter with Give Good Face

Give Good Face
Artist Emma Cunningham in action (Photos: Jo + Liam)

After years of working as a successful makeup artist in TV and theatre, Emma Cunningham of Give Good Face saw a gap in the bridal market for her unique brand of glamour.

“I wanted to bring some of that showbiz colour and sparkle to weddings,” she explains. “I offer face and body art (if you have a theme, tell me, and I will paint designs to match!), a bar full of bio-glitter mixes and festival-inspired gems, custom-designed temporary tattoo favours and hand-painted Converse.

“I’ve also teamed up recently with an amazing artist to produce comic book-style caricatures.” Any of these services can be built into a bespoke package, but, generally, prices start at £115 for weddings and hen parties.

Give Good Face
Emma uses bio-glitter to combat her carbon footprint

Worried about all that glitter and paint’s impact on Mother Nature? Emma is one step ahead of you. “Lately, I have been working hard to reduce waste and and make the business more green,”  she assures.

“It is so important to me, and to a lot of my customers, that my services be environmentally friendly. The biggest change is that I now use bio-glitter, and I have cut down on disposables and single-use items like wipes, so everyone can enjoy glitter guilt free.”

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