Six types of hats to wear as a wedding guest this year

A hat might be a finishing touch, but that doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought – brush up on the different styles before you hit the shops


Peacock cocktail band, £POA, Leanne Cairns Millinery

The top accessory of 2019 continues its reign into 2020. Go all out with lavish embellishments, beads and, if you want to be really current, pearl studs. The more crown-like, the better.


Valentina, from £145, Stephanie Gallen Millinery

Like the headband, this style will not encroach on your hairstyle, so if you’re planning an elaborate up-do, a fascinator is a safe bet. Experiment with height and texture.


Whiteley blossom silk pillbox, £170, Elegance of Perth

A band not your bag? A cocktail piece, such as this bow-decked pillbox, is pretty and formal without being overwhelmingly so. Think Jackie O and embrace a cute 1960s aesthetic.


Dusky pink hatinator, £89, Kate Dillon Designs

Fixed onto a band or elastic, this is a step down from a full-on commitment to a hat. It’ll typically have a wide brim that frames the face nicely, but can be tilted to include features on the underside.


Aura, £175, Stephanie Gallen Millinery

Also known as a halo or padded headband, this attention-grabbing piece is not for wallflowers. Pair with puffed sleeves and a bold high neckline for extra drama.


J Bees hat in Sleet Silver with flower and feather trim, £150, Elegance of Perth

There’s nothing quite like a hat in the traditional sense. Since the shape is timeless, have fun by heaping on more directional elements, such as feathers and florals.