Snap it up: get photobooth savvy!

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Bygone Photobooth’s impressive collection of props will have your friends competing to pull the funniest face

A photobooth can provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests and it’s as simple as 3, 2, 1… CLICK!

Words by Claire Moulds

Capturing the moment

While your professional photographer will be tasked with producing an album of artfully composed images, a photobooth is a fantastic way to capture the unrestrained joy of your family and friends at your special day.

Most photobooth suppliers include, or offer, the option of a guest book so, while those closest to you can take home a copy of their photo as a memento, a second copy is added to your book along with a handwritten message. “For the happy couple, a photobooth offers a glimpse into a part of their wedding that they sometimes miss,” says Joseph McAree of the Bygone Photobooth Company.

The fizz factor

A photobooth can prove invaluable during the lull in proceedings while your reception area is being transformed for the evening’s festivities. An array of fun props will instantly lure people in and encourage them to try out different backdrops, poses and silly facial expressions.
As the technology evolves, suppliers are able to offer some surprising new options. “Our new GIF photobooth is completely unique,” says Suzy Dunford at LookLook Photobooths. “After taking a series of still images, it compresses them into an animated GIF which it then sends to your mobile phone – perfect for social media – as well as uploading it to an online gallery to be viewed and shared.”

Fun and games with LookLook’s prop box
Fun and games with LookLook’s prop box

One and only

Personalisation is at the heart of a truly memorable wedding, so make your photobooth experience unique to you.
“Our Bygone Bespoke service gives you the option to completely customise your day, with themes from the 1920s to the 1950s, from a nautical theme to Alice in Wonderland,” says Joseph. “We’re talking specially sourced props, a hand-crafted backdrop, personalised print styles and whatever else you can think of.”

Picture perfect

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Fast-drying ink means prints from SillySnapz are instantly touch-ready

For reticent guests who might have had a bad passport photo experience, the latest photobooths offer not just additional creative options but also the chance to benefit from the technology employed by magazines, as Suzy explains.
“Passport photobooths do have a tendency to make people look less than their best. Thankfully, LookLook is run by an ex-fashion photographer and, as we design the booths ourselves, we ensure that the lighting is the same as at a high-end fashion shoot so that it’s as flattering as possible.”
Print quality is also key. “We use the very best Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers available, producing a resolution that is double that of other photobooth printers on the market,” says Katie. “This results in speedy, professional-quality gloss prints that are touch-dry as soon as they land in the tray.”

Behind the lens

Set-up times vary (and can take up to two hours). If the photobooth is to be a surprise, consider installing it in another room or section­ing off part of the main room and using a reveal curtain. As some booths arrive flatpacked, they are easy to transport up stairs and simply require access to a power socket.
Space is a factor to consider, though. It’s not just that the machines vary in size, you’ll also need to allow for a queue forming outside!
Many photobooths come with a booth attendant. As well as replenishing the ink and paper, he or she will help guests with all aspects of the process and oversee the creation of your album.
It’s also important to decide when the booth will open, and to make sure that it’s open long enough for everyone to get a turn.
“Booths work best in the evening when everyone is ready to relax and have some fun,” advises Katie. “The most popular start time is around 8pm, with the session lasting for three or four hours.