So fancy: designers sketch couture wedding gowns for Iggy Azalea

She’s a fearless rapper who loves to experiment with her style, so the biggest names in fashion will be tripping over each other to dress Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea on her big day.

Four designers have published their visions for the songstress, and they’re nothing short of stunning.

1. Galia Lahav


Galia’s gown is all about Iggy’s fabulous figure: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

“We anticipate that Iggy will want to showcase her beautiful figure so this fitted gown with a sexy low-back is the perfect look to do that for her. It may not be a look for the traditional bride but Iggy can without a doubt pull it off!”


2. Gemy Maalouf


A wedding dress with an unconventional neckline, Gemy’s sketch has all the glamour of a wedding dress but keeps things young and stays true to Iggy’s style.

“Iggy is known for her bold style and we hope that on her wedding day, she chooses to display that! Our design puts her edgy look on fully display in the most non-traditional way that makes perfect sense for someone with such an enigmatic personality!”

3. Kelly Faetanini



Kelly drew the most traditional dress, with a shapely silhouette and a nipped-in bodice that would highlight Iggy’s tenny tiny waist.

“I created this dramatic fit to flare gown with french alencon lace appliques on a swiss tulle bodice to acentuate Iggy’s curves. Though a bit more classic than what Iggy is known for, I think this is a perfect balance of sexy and stylish for her walk down the aisle!”

4. Winnie Chlomin



Winnie went for all-out drama for her couture creation, which would make the most of Iggy’s famous curves while still being a total fairy-tale gown.

“Iggy never ceases to make a strong sartorial statement on the red carpet. We chose an extravagant yet romantic design for her upcoming wedding to Nick Young.  A daring silhouette tailored with tiers of crochet lace, our Aussie beauty will no doubt look radiant on her special day.”