Stephanie Gallen Millinery’s latest headpieces are here

Eliza hat, £275, Stephanie Gallen Millinery

Stephanie Gallen Millinery’s newest drop of hats and headpieces has been a long time coming. Was it worth the wait? You betcha. This season, the Glasgow-based milliner has worked with a strict steel and fuchsia colour palette – with exquisite results.

There are royalty-endorsed, chunky velvet headbands, wide brims lavishly showered in marabou plumes and floral cuties like Clare below, £165. Obsessed.

“With this collection, I wanted everything to look a bit regal and theatrical, while still keeping the vibe understated and wearable,” Stephanie explains. “It was intentionally created and shot in muted tones (albeit with a splash of fuchsia) to let potential clients more easily imagine themselves in the hats, no matter their outfit plans.

Clare, £165, and Aurelia, £200, both Stephanie Gallen Millinery

“As always, the pieces can be ordered in a range of hues – add a pop of colour and things change dramatically. If you can picture the ostrich feather-covered Eliza (above, £275) in a coral or royal blue, for example, it transforms into a very different hat altogether.

“Similarly, Aurelia (below right, £200) has a circus/ringmaster feel that’s currently elegant and subtle in grey, but in bright pink, say, or a vivid green it instantly becomes a race day showstopper. Essentially, the hats are suitable for all, for those who wan to play it down and for those who absolutely want all eyes on them!”