Strike oil: revive tired autumn skin with a new beauty treat

Microsoft Word - Biography final draft.docOil is having a moment. When we’ve not been soaking our hair in macademia nut oil pre-blow dry or smoothing on chia seed oil to soften our legs, we’ve been searching for facial oils – the latest incarnation of the trend. Versatile and nourishing, oil leaves skin feeling silky, not sticky, and can be used underneath serums and everyday moisturisers to bolster their efficacy.

The newest is Skin Salvation from aromatherapy brand Beatitude which combines calibrated essences to replicate the skin’s natural lipid structure. Rose, immortelle and neroli oils guard against free radicals and dehydration, while a blend of rosehip, oat, evening primrose and black cumin seed oils help regenerate skin. “It’s a common misconception that facial oils congest the skin,” says Beatitude founder Rebecca O’Connor. “Facial oils with specific pure plant oils absorb better into the skin than creams (which are often water based) and the active ingredients penetrate deeper and faster.” To get maximum benefit from the oil, warm one or two drops in the palm of your hand and massage into the skin with gentle upward movements, advises Rebecca.

Skin Salvation facial oil, £38.