Superhero styling for grooms

As Marvel assembles its bad-ass, ragtag team of heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, channel the comic book characters’ colourful wardrobes

Move over floral buttonholes, A Bespoke Touch at will have you pinning on a playful Captain America Lego figure instead, £8

The Jäger train isn’t the same unless the whole gang’s on board: round up Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk with their own branded shot glasses from Truffle Shuffle, £11.99 for a set of four

What’s a superhero without their gadget? While we don’t have access to Iron Man’s inventions there’s always Apple. Apple Watch Edition, from £1,299

Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, may rely on his high-tech suitbut it’s the suave, tailored version he slips into when he’s off-duty that’s more wedding-friendly. We can see him in Remus Uomo’s cobalt trousers, £90, and jacket, £179 and a clashing amethyst shirt, £36.

Guardians of the Galaxy ‘s Groot wears his heart on his sleeve – wear him on yours with Alt Linx at's cufflinks, £25.45

Mix up Burton’s Marvel socks, £14 for five pairs, and make both Thor and Hulk your honorary groomsmen

Part of the initial freaking-out period of a newborn superhero is the evolution of their attire – from Spiderman’s web shooters to Iron Man’s jet-powered boots. Applying this personal approach to your w-day outfit. McCalls puts you in control with its fully customisable three-piece tweed suit [left, from £675]. Tweak the lining and buttons or add a monogram.

Superheroes have come a long way since ‘bam’ and ‘kapow’ blazed next to their every move, thanks to their now blockbuster status, but if you fancy going old school,’s cufflinks, £16.99, will see you right. 

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers Argyll John Muir tartan trews, £245, come to life with a pair of tomato-red braces. Cape optional

Pledge your allegiance with The Craft Lab Store at's Avengers cake topper, £3.95

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