Take five for stress-free planning

Janice Grimley-Evans of Blue Thistle Weddings shares her five-point guide to successful, stress-free planning

The more organised you are the less stressed you will be, especially once you begin to tick things off. Start with the five basic ‘who, what, where, when and how’ questions: who will you invite; what sort of theme do you want whether formal or informal, religious or civil; where do you want to hold your wedding; when will it be and how will you pay for it.

Not only does this give you more time to plan but it helps to ensure you get your preferred suppliers. The best suppliers book up quickly so don’t leave it too late to book them and find you are disappointed – this will only add to your stress. Start shopping for your dress early, too. I have known more than one bride who has left it too late to order her dream dress and has then struggled to find a ‘second best’.

For busy couples with full-time jobs, planning a major event like a wedding can soon become overwhelming. A professionally qualified wedding planner will take care of all the hard work, leaving you to relax and enjoy the whole process. Planners are often able to save you money as well as time and to advise you on the best deals and discounts available. Remember to involve your fiancé too, then use reliable friends and family members to assist –bridesmaids are there for a reason.

Sticking to a realistic budget will minimise the stress and worry of how to pay for everything. Set your priorities. For example, if the dress or the photographs is the most important thing, decide the amount you want to spend on that first, then fill in the rest accordingly.

Look after yourself and remember to have some fun! Take regular time away from wedding plans to relax and spend time with your fiancé and remember – laughter really is great medicine. Janice Grimley-Evans is a professionally qualified wedding planner and member of The International
Wedding Planning Professionals Institute.