Take Five: practical honeymoon purchases

Resist the temptation to go all-out on a pre-honeymoon spending spree. Save the cash for piña coladas, whilst making a few savvy buys


Grey pineapple personalised suitcase, £139.95, Notonthehighstreet.com

For many (not everyone these days, mind you), getting married means a new set of initials. Why not try them out for size on some personalised items? You could start small with a phone case, or go big with a brand-new suitcase for your honeymoon. Just don’t go looking for your old name as it whizzes past you on the baggage reclaim belt…


Capaldi sunglasses, £65, IOLLA

Aren’t we all guilty of flinging a couple of pairs of cheap sunnies into our case and hoping for the best? Is it because you presume that something tailored to your eyesight or that offers more protection will be heaps more expensive? Scottish eyewear brand IOLLA will prove you wrong, as all glasses are made just outside Glasgow and cost just £65. The frames are also available with prescription or polarised sun lenses at no extra cost.


Y stereo headphone splitter, £3.99, Ryman

One of our holiday highlights is always zoning out on a sun lounger with a good audiobook, playlist or podcast. That’s a tad anti-social for your first trip as a married couple though! Keep connected with a headphone splitter and you can gasp at plot twists and finger-waggle when the beat drops in perfect harmony.


Sun Care lotion spray 50+, £22, Clarins

You might feel like you’re on cloud nine on your honeymoon, but we all know you can still burn when it’s overcast. One no-excuses essential for any jet-setting is proper sun protection. Clarins has just launched 10 new SPF 30 and 50+ products, available in cream, gel-to-oil, lotion and oil textures. Whether you’re an adventurous duo planning lots of activities or don’t have much more than long lunches and chilling by the pool pencilled in – don’t spoil the romantic side of the trip with frazzled skin you can’t bear being touched.

Just Married flip flops, £9.99, UK Wedding Favours

We almost made it to the end without anything totally cheesy – these flip flops were too sweet to brie-sist sadly. If you’re already thinking about how to score big likes on your Instagram updates then this will be a tenner very well spent. Or, if you’re heading abroad shortly after the big day, write your wedding date and initials in the sand and take a snap for your thank-you cards.