Take Five: table plan ideas

Break the news that some wedding guests are sitting next to the kid’s table in style


Mythical elements from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and others were the basis for this geek-tastic take for some sci-fi-loving clients of Origami Fox.


Two Tabbies wanted to pay homage to Emma and Jonny’s Lego theme, so incorporated real figurines.

(Photo on right: Emma Lawson Photography)
[Left] Amber and Richard enlisted the help of Wedding Artwork by Daria, who crafted this stunning illustration of their wedding venue, Blair Castle.

[Right] Paper Skeleton fashioned this celestial design from moon shapes, brass dreamcatchers and tassels the bride sourced from Dubai.


For minimalistic chic, you can’t go wrong with The Unlikely Painter’s pared-back oil on wood with copper leaf, entwining the ‘modern and bold’ brief with traditional elements.