Take Five: wedding eve pampering products

With the big day on the horizon, it’s time to get your feet up and indulge in some R&R

Novelty eyemask and slipper set, £16, Totes 

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a spa? Get your robe and slippers on of course! If you’ve already sorted the personalised robes for the ‘getting ready’ snaps, it just leaves the footwear. This fluffy set from Totes looks mega comfy – we can guarantee you’ll be dispatching a bridesmaid for them when your heels start to pinch the following day.

The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Sheet Mask, £20, La Mer

What would a night of pampering be without a sheet mask? And if there’s any time to push the boat out, this is it. For the first time ever, La Mer’s ultra-luxe version – and Kim K’s fave, no less – is available individually, making a range you might presume is out of your league with a wedding to pay for, the price of a couple of cocktails. Don’t forget the selfies, obvs.

Calm app, free (with in-app purchases), Apple Store and Google Play

Self-care is all too often aligned with ‘things’, some of which we’re highlighting in this piece. But the most important part of pampering is getting your head in the right place. There’s no point in dropping a £5 bath bomb into the water whilst your own mind is fizzing. Calm is a free app that’s rated as number one for wellness and mindfulness, so get that eye mask on and decompress with some guided meditation.

Sleepy body lotion, £13.95, Lush

Earlier this month, the internet went into a mini-meltdown over a lavender-scented body lotion from Lush. Why? Fantastical claims that it could tame sobbing babies or cure insomnia. One thing’s for sure though: this hyped cream certainly smells soothing, and slathering yourself in it before slipping under the covers will ensure you feel good inside and out, and alleviate any jitteriness you might be struggling with as you try and catch some zzz’s.

Champagne Skin Candle, £8.50, Siabann

Bridesmaid rules dictate that you can boss them about as much as you want for the 48-hour period over your wedding, so why not enlist one of them for a nice therapeutic massage? Siabann’s natural products hail from the Ochil Hills, and the company’s Skin Candles are hand-poured and burn to a warm oil that can be used on skin. If you’re planning on being really angelic – we won’t blame you if you’re not – you could substitute the real thing for the Champagne version of the candle.

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