Take Five: wedding fragrances for grooms

The aftershave or cologne you wear on the big day will trigger happy memories forever after – we’ve found five wedding fragrances for grooms that’ll suit all tastes

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with Notino

Boss Bottled, from £32.94, available from Notino

Boss Bottled was launched back in 1998 and has remained on bestselling fragrance charts since. If you’re a classic kind of guy who doesn’t want to deviate too far from your normal style just because you’re walking down the aisle then this is our pick for you.


Hermes Terre d Hermes, from £64, available from Notino

The Hermès brand is synonymous with luxury, and its fragrances have a rapidly growing fanbase for men and women. This spicy scent can be worn all year round, but the woody, earthy notes would be particularly striking at a winter wedding.


Dior Sauvage, from £61.50, available from Notino

Has anyone else’s Twitter been awash with mentions of Dior Sauvage recently? Scores of female fans have taken to the social network to confess their obsession with the aftershave – from spraying it on their scarves in department stores to stealing ex boyfriends’ bottles. Tap into the trend now.

Tom Ford Oud Wood, from £83.29, available from Notino

Those in the know will spot Tom Ford’s distinctive notes a mile away, no matter how many imitators try to replicate the iconic scents. Outwith the top-selling fragrances are some real hidden gems, so why not order a couple of samples and take a gamble?


Byredo Gypsy Water, from £105, available from Notino

If you thrive on being a bit of a tastemaker and the thought of splashing on a bottle picked up from a duty-free trolley would bring you out in a cold sweat, then Byredo should be on your radar. Gypsy Water has notes of bergamot, juniper, lemon and pepper, plus it’s unisex – what about wearing the same scent on the big day?