Take Five: wedding planning books

The internet is a massive help when organising your day, but it’s full of distractions. Log off and tune into one of these pretty, useful planners

rock and roll bride book

Rock N Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide for Alternative Brides, £16.99, Ryland, Peters & Small

It only seems fair to start an article about digital detox planning with the ultimate online-to-offline crossover. Kat Williams’ blog has been the go-to source for alternative wedding inspiration, and now she’s compiled her down-to-earth advice on everything from family politics to big day anxiety into one chunky read.

bridechilla book

Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide by Aleisha McCormack, £19.99, Team Hen

For anyone not already on the podcast train – what’s not to love about falling asleep to the sounds of true crime investigation? – this might be your first encounter of Bridechilla. Expect naughty words and good advice, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of ‘it’s just one day’ perspective.

Handmade Wedding book

Handmade Wedding, £12.99, Cico Books

If you don’t spend a bunch of weekends sweating over a hot glue gun, did you even get married? Thankfully, Handmade Wedding has a range of skill levels in mind throughout its 35 DIY projects. Start with the confetti boxes and before you know it, you could be taking a stab at the dramatic hydrangea garland.

seating chart

Wedding table seating planner, £10, Paperchase

One task that is holding its own against the digital invasion is sorting out your seating plan. It still needs an empty table, a big ol’ piece of paper, diplomacy and at least one bottle of wine. Paperchase’s set comes with an A2 table sheet, 120 sticky tables, table stickers and a tear-off acceptance pad. You got this.

Modern Wedding book

Modern Wedding – Creating a Celebration That Looks & Feels Like You by Kelsey McKinnon, £30.99, Workman Publishing

American magazine editor Kelsey McKinnon presents the practical elements of wedding planning with an eye-catching layout and gorgeous photography. No wedding stone is left unturned in this exhaustive manual, and although some of the suppliers mentioned are stateside, our friends across the pond lead the way with nuptials trends and styling, making this tome your chance to get ahead of the curve.