Take Five: wedding shoe clips

Trying to find w-day heels or sneaks that look good and feel comfortable becomes a whole lot easier when you can jazz up any pair with decorative shoe clips


Custom slogan glitter-heart shoe clips, £24.99, Crown and Glory

Once you’ve picked from three fonts and 30 colours, you just need to decide what to emblazon on these Crown & Glory glittery hearts. You can’t go wrong with your new initials, the date or your wedding hashtag. Hair accessories – including bows, hairbands and veils – are available and can be matched to the same glitter tone.


Rhinestone shoe buckles, £5.48, Amazon

It’s been 11 years. Why are we still so obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding shoes? Unfortunately, we haven’t been saving this past decade so are no further forward to stashing the £755 it costs to cop Manolo Blahnik’s real deal. Rainbow Club can dye its wedding shoes to almost any colour and these buckles cost less than £6 on Amazon. Put that credit card away.


Detachable Queen strap, £145, Freya Rose London

For a practical and pretty addition to your fancy footwear, Freya Rose London’s selection of detachable straps offer some extra support, whilst looking chic. There’s plain silk, the pearly ‘Queen’ (above) or sparkle-tastic ‘Princess’ to choose from. They are designed to be worn with the British designer’s exquisite collection, but are sold separately.


Monogrammed shoe clips, £15, Charlotte Mills

Bargains are few and far between when you’re wedding planning (have you already lost count of how many newsletters you’ve signed up to get a 10% off code?). These lil monogrammed hearts are half price at the moment, and once each letter is gone, it won’t be restocked. Whatcha waiting for?


Beetle shoe clip, £25, Dune London

You’ll find plenty of choice out there if you’re on the hunt for some classic silver and crystal embellishment. Look a bit further and you’ll stumble across some real gems, like these scarab beetle clips from Dune London. The green crystals will add a flash of colour against ivory silk, or go all out and clash them with some fuschia pumps.