Take note, you can now book a travelling piano bar for your wedding

When you’re off having your photos taken on the big day, time will fly past. But it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re attending a wedding, especially if you don’t know many other guests. Having quirky reception entertainment can provide a much-needed social lifeline.

Rusty’s Travelling Piano Bar launched earlier this year and is already shaking up wedding receptions across the country. A Scottish and UK first, the renovated horsebox is the brainchild of ex-Red Hot Chilli Piper, Chris Russell and his partner Billie Rowan.

The couple have worked in the wedding industry for seven years and noticed a musical gap in the market. With the help of Scottish furniture design company Hame, Chris and Billie transformed a vintage 1970s horse box by kitting it out with a built-in piano and fully stocked bar. Chords and cocktails? A match made in heaven!

Rusty’s is set to be a singing success, and the couple can’t wait to expand their clever idea further. Billie says, “We’ve got a few ideas on how to take the business to the next stage – like adding to our fleet next year and providing a wider catering and bar service – but right now we want to savour this moment of being small and take joy from helping people to create memories that will last a lifetime.”