The Bridal Courtyard and Laced with Pearls join forces for good

Lanico dresses via Laced with Pearls
From left: style LN2057 by Lanico, £150, Sara keyhole back dress, £145, and halterneck V-neckline dress, £145, all available via Laced with Pearls and The Bridal Courtyard

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Pop-ups are often the gateway to something greater, especially in the wedding industry, as two of Glasgow’s brightest bridal names are setting out to prove.

“Following the success of our bridesmaid showcase in March, we’ll now be a more regular feature at The Bridal Courtyard,” divulges Laced with Pearls’ founder Aileen Wright. “Bridal parties can book an appointment for a fitting and style consultation within this beautiful city centre boutique. With all dresses available in a choice of 150 colours (priced between £135 and £180), you’re sure to find the perfect gown for your ’maids.”

“We’re so excited to partner up with Laced with Pearls on a more permanent basis,” adds The Bridal Courtyard owner Jennifer Gilbert. “The dresses are such a treat to wear.”

Two heads, it seems, really are better than one, especially when dreamy dresses like Lanico’s LN2057 (above left), £150, subtly sage green keyhole back gowns (above centre), £145, and flattering halternecks (like this flattering mauve number, above right), also £145, are on the table. That’s your best girls sorted, then.