The rise and rise of two- and three-day wedding celebrations

Logie Country House near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, is a multi-award winning, exclusive-use Scottish castle wedding venue, set on an estate dating back to 1472. It has been holding two-day midweek and three-day weekend wedding celebrations for over 10 years

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The exterior of Logie Country House in Aberdeenshire

There’s no place like a home from home – especially when you’re getting married. Want to make a weekend of it? This 17-bedroom castle dating from the 1680s has charm and history by the bucketload, but it also all the modern amenities to make a relaxed, multi-day celebration happen without a hitch.

After it burned down in 1974, owners Tim and Stef Erbe restored the 20,000-square-feet house from a ruin and decided to turn it into an exclusive-use wedding venue. They looked at the competition and picked what they would like for their own wedding.

A wedding marquee set for a reception at Logie Country House
Photo: Nicholas Frost Photography

“Our first stop was to get planning permission for a purpose-built ballroom, to allow us to hold larger weddings and evening events for up to 180 guests,” recalls Tim. “We decided on a traditional themed, state-of-the-art, soundproofed and air-conditioned extension to the stable block that would only be used for weddings. No corporate events. We wanted to concentrate on providing the best weddings we possible could.”

The couple decided at the outset that they would like to be low volume with a decent gap between guests. That way, they could turn the house around properly and get the chance to sort anything that needed fixed, without the time-constraining stress of a high-turnover venue.

Colourful flowers in the courtyard at Logie Country House

“We settled on holding three-day weekend weddings, where the guests checked in at Friday lunchtime and out on Monday lunchtime. We also started holding midweek, two-day weddings, with check-in on Tuesday lunchtime and out on the Thursday.

“Initially, we were fully booked at weekends with only a few midweek weddings a year. That has changed dramatically over the last five years! We now sell out of midweek dates much faster than weekends, and we are usually fully booked 18 months in advance.”

Two- and three-day wedding celebrations offer many advantages over the more traditional afternoon event, as Tim explains: “The brides and grooms get to spend much more time with their guests. Their nearest and dearest are with them on the day before their wedding and they are still there for a day or two afterwards too. Plenty of time to arrange a BBQ, or a set meal, or a Highland games – or anything else you like.”

A bride and a groom standing on a bridge over a stream at Logie Country House
Photo: Nicholas Frost Photography

Friends and family who are not staying at Logie Country House are also warmly welcomed. “Couples can invite friends and family that are not staying in the house too. Many of our guests lay on a catered meal the evening before the wedding. Many arrange a disco and evening party. Most guests carry on the wedding celebration back at the house after the wedding has finished, where they party into the small hours!”

If you are looking for more than just a wedding day, look no further that Logie Country House.