The road to true love: couple return to Gean House 44 years after first meeting there

*Gean House wedding venue summer

Gean House’s wildly romantic setting proves popular with Scottish brides and grooms looking for their dream wedding venue, but the love story started long before they said ‘I do’ for Neil and Pauline Hardisty.

The couple met after traveling from their homes in Leeds and London in 1971 to attend a Baptist Summer School at the Alloa mansion, and were married just two years later. Neil and Pauline recently returned to visit the house and felt nostalgic about the place where they first laid eyes on each other.

“We’d been there for the first week and nothing clicked,” smiles Pauline. “The following Saturday a few of us went to St Andrews and the seed was sown. By Sunday night we were together, and on the Monday we were a public item. The rest as they say is history!”

*Gean House couple
Neil and Pauline on their wedding day in 1974, and on their trip to Gean House in 2016.

Neil said: “It was brilliant to come back to Gean House again after all this time. Although there were some changes, the building itself still had the same character it always had and was really nice to see.”

If you think Gean House could be the perfect setting for your own romance, head to the upcoming open evening on 7th July from 5pm-7.30pm to meet the team and explore the house and lush grounds. Alternatively, email to arrange a private show-round.