The Scottish Wedding Show reveals top gifting trends for the big day

When it comes to wedding gifts, a generational change has developed, with more and more couples asking their guests to ditch the gravy boats in favour of presents of a more meaningful kind.

An old Scottish custom which has largely fallen out of fashion is the ‘show of presents’, which took place in the bride’s family home. Presents were put on display, and friends would be invited round to view the gifts. However, it seems that with most couples choosing to live together before getting married, they’ve already set up home and are now choosing gifts that fit into their lifestyle, whether they are traditional or not.

The Scottish Wedding Show team has pulled together four wedding gift trends for you to consider:

1. Experience counts
If the idea of cramming one more appliance into your cupboards has you wanting to ditch your gift list altogether, then this trend might be the one for you. Some newlyweds are favouring experiences over possessions – with everything from cooking classes to wine tastings available from retailers including Red Letter Days and Buyagift. Not only does it give you something to look forward to after the big day is done and dusted, but these unique ways to spend time together also teach you new skills (your other half has no excuse for dishing up burnt toast for brunch now!).

2. Cash it in
Monetary gifts are increasingly common wedding presents today as they remove the hassle that comes with dealing with a gift list and provides you with what you really need after your wedding – money! Although this is becoming more popular, it may be the first time some of your more ‘old school’ guests have been asked for cash, so get creative with how you ask, and it’s a good idea to let them know what the money is for. So, if you’d like to put it towards a deposit for a new home, consider writing a funny poem explaining this to include with your invites.

3. Come fly with me
Another trend which is on the rise is a honeymoon fund. With the wedding piggy bank well and truly raided and the budget stretched to its absolute limit, the majority of couples don’t have a big wedge tucked by for their first holiday with their new hubby or wife. Ask your friends and family for a contribution towards a trip of a lifetime by using companies like Prezola or Patchwork Present, as this allows you to detail individual components of the trip – cocktails on the beach sounds good! – and this will give your guests a greater sense of contributing than stuffing an envelope with money will.

4. Sweet charity
Charity donations are another trend gaining momentum as they offer a meaningful alternative to make a difference to a cause close to your heart. Lots of kind-hearted couples choose to spread the love, requesting that guests and well-wishers make a charitable donation instead of a wedding gift. Even if you’re planning to set up a gift list, giving the option of donating to a special charity lets you share what’s important to you both with your friends and family.

The Scottish Wedding Show returns to the SECC, Glasgow from 25–26 February 2017. Advance tickets cost from £10 and are available here.