Top of the Pops part 4: the best musicians for your wedding reception

In the last of our November weekly specials, we’re bringing you the best musical acts for your wedding reception. From a guitar duo to big bands that are sure to get the party started, there’s a match for every kind of reception

Cragganmore Ceilidh Band

What do you love about performing at weddings?

Everyone is always up for having a good time and celebrating in style – and what better way to do so than with a ceilidh! Our most popular package is our ceilidh and DJ offering, which makes for a great evening with a variety of music.

Describe your performances

Lively! The music itself is always of the highest standard, performed by professional musicians. Our sets include a variety of different music and dances, all of which are called by our fantastic dance caller. Don’t worry if your guests have never been to a ceilidh before, as they will be walked through any unfamiliar dances.

Anything else you want couples to know about you?

We have a range of band lineups to suit different weddings, however, our standard four-piece band is made up of two fiddles, drums, and keyboard.

Waiters Who Sing

What makes you stand out?

We don’t tell the couples what we will be singing; we let them tell us what they want us to sing. Singing waiters are becoming extremely popular, so we wanted to make sure our service was different to others. By letting the happy couple choose their own songs, it makes it more of a unique experience.

Any memorable anecdotes?

We once had to learn a full backstory about how we knew the bride and groom, in order not to blow our cover. Mine was that I had attended law school with the groom, specialising in employment law, so I spent the entire day giving out advice to people… Thankfully I am pretty clued up on it, so I was able to confidently act the part!

What’s your favourite piece to perform?

We get asked to sing Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis quite a lot. It’s a complete crowd pleaser and always has everyone singing along and dancing.

Woohoo Band

Describe your performances

High-energy, floor-filling sets from the best musicians in the country.

What do you think gives you the edge over other acts?

We are entirely bespoke. Where most groups have one set list and format, we custom build everything from the line-up to the music we play, which means we can accommodate any dream day.

Anything else you’d like couples to know?

We like to get to know our couples as it helps us tailor everything to perfection. Equally, if you just want an amazing band who takes care of everything with just one email, you’re in safe hands too.