Choose a reliable mode to ensure you get to the venue on time

First things first
From classic cars or a horse-and-cart to hot-air balloon rides or roller skates – these days there’s a carriage to suit any marriage. But whether you arrive on foot, hoof, helicopter or wheel, keep these travel tips in mind to ensure you not only arrive at the church on time but also in style…

Timing’s everything
Before the big day, test-drive your route to the destination on the same day of the week as your wedding and, if possible in the same mode of transport. This will give you a useful timeline of when’s best to set-off. It’s worth doing your homework beforehand and checking for any delays on-route such as football matches, marches or summer fairs which might stall your journey’s arrival time too. If you’re a stickler for tradition and plan on keeping the groom waiting then don’t go round the block too many times. Remember, once you arrive at the venue, it can take a good 15 minutes for dress and make-up touch-ups before you’re ready to walk down the aisle. (image opposite: David Ho)

Be style smart
If you want to make an entrance for all the right reasons, then get savvy against transport style spoilers. While an open-top car makes a great first impression, ask the driver to keep the top up until the last minute to protect your hairstyle and dress from the elements. Likewise, don’t cram too many people into the same vehicle to cut costs. Just like the bride, her bridesmaids should arrive looking fresh and relaxed – not flushed and flustered about a creased and crumpled dress. (image: St. Clair Weddings Cars)

Find your perfect match
Your photographer will capture every highlight of the day on camera, including the moment you arrive at the venue. So, because the mode of transport will make a guest appearance in your photos, think about co-ordinating colours and styles in-line with your dress and flowers.

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