Two subtle but effective pre-wedding aesthetic tweakments to get that glow!

Botox and fillers are the ones we’ve all heard of, but are there any under-the-radar cosmetic procedures that brides-to-be should know about? Natasha Radmehr chats to two experts to find out

Tweakments for brides
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Let’s state the obvious first: you don’t have to change a thing about your appearance before you get married. You’re a babe! (And your partner clearly thinks so too.) But we all want to show the best version of ourselves on the big day, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For some women, that means splashing out on the spenny hairdresser who has mastered the sacred art of celeb-worthy caramel highlights. For others, it might mean dipping a toe into the world of tweakments. Here are two you may not have considered before…

The needle-less one

If you’ve got the needle fear and want to try something non-invasive, Dr Claire Narrie from Infinity Skin Clinic in Edinburgh recommends a high-frequency treatment. “This will give your skin that red-carpet glow,” says Claire. “It involves using a glass probe which emits a thermal energy that causes the vasoconstriction of blood vessels at the surface of the skin. This creates an oxygen-rich environment which helps to heal and revitalise the skin.”

Fans of this versatile treatment (which is suitable for both the face and the body) love it for its ability to tighten the skin, encourage a glowing complexion and even target specific issues such as fine lines and dark circles. “I used it on my thighs last summer to reduce my cellulite, and a few of my clients have done the same,” says Claire. “I also have a couple of brides who are using it to reduce the acne on their backs because they plan to wear strapless wedding dresses. Another bride is using it on her tummy, bum, thighs and the tops of her arms to help her skin feel tighter and more toned.”

The treatment is painless – all you’ll feel is a tingling sensation – and can be done either as a one-off a few days pre-wedding or as a block of six to eight treatments if you want to tackle a specific concern such as acne. Price-wise, expect to pay £70 for one or around £350 for a block.

Treatments for brides before their big day
Left: Signature Clinic has cosmetic clinics across the country; Right: Infinity Skin Clinic uses the latest award-winning products and techniques to put together the perfect personalised treatment plan

The eye-opener

Wedding planning, surviving a pandemic…if your eyes are a bit weary after the past few years, Dr Carlo Debbas at Signature Clinic says a blepharoplasty, a type of eyelid surgery, will help you look more bright-eyed on the big day. “An upper blepharoplasty removes excess skin (popular with those who have drooping eyelids), while a lower blepharoplasty reduces puffiness,” she says. “Both create a more rejuvenated appearance.”

Dr Debbas says that Signature performs three to four blepharoplasties every day, and it’s popular with women of all ages. “Recently we worked with the influencer Chloe Elizabeth (@cchloelizabethh) who had a lower blepharoplasty because she’s a new mum and felt she looked tired,” says Dr Debbas. “She loved the results.”

It’s not one for the faint-hearted: incisions are made around the eyes, excess skin is removed and then the cuts are neatly stitched. It’s a day surgery, which generally takes around an hour under local anaesthetic, and costs between £1,795 and £3,599. The recovery time is two to four weeks, and you can expect the results to last between five and ten years. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks – the most common being infection. “But it is generally an uncomplicated, quick and well-performed procedure if you go to a reputable clinic,” says Dr Debbas.