VALENTINE’S PHOTO ALBUM: A crazy little thing called love

Jeny Turner Photography

Amidst all the wedding planning chaos, budgeting niggles and your other half’s inability to pick a wet towel off the floor, nobody would blame you for asking yourself why you’re ploughing all your time and money in to one day. But we know why: because you’ve found the one. The Jay to your Bey. The salt to your vinegar (or sauce, depending on your postcode). The one person who accepts you, even when you’re dipping your McDonalds’ chips into a strawberry milkshake.

That’s why this month’s Photo Album is a Valentine’s Day special. You might feel reluctant about disappearing to take soppy photos after the ceremony, when all you reckon you’ll want to do is have a glass of bubbles and relax, but the resulting photos are something you’ll treasure forever. Your snapper might give you some pointers on where to place your arms, but there ain’t no faking the big massive smiles you won’t be able to keep off your faces, or stop the tears when you’re overcome that you’ve actually done it! Just ask this lot…

White Tree Photography
Blue Sky Photography
From left: Aboyne Photographics; Michelle VanTine Photography
Brown’s Photography
Julie Lamont Photography
Denise McDonald Photography
Fern Photography
Bill Baillie Photography
From left: Jenniflower Weddings & Photography; Aboyne Photographics
Denise McDonald Photography
Parris Photography
The Curries
I Love Ruby Photos
From left: Casey Stewart Photography; Fern Photography
Jenniflower Weddings & Photography
Julie Lamont Photography
Caroline Trotter Photography