Scottish Wedding Venue Directory

To find venues in your desired location select from the following six areas :

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The Alexandra Hotel

Tel: 01397 702241Website:

The Busby Hotel

Tel: 0141 644 2661Website:

The Coach House at Glenbervie

Tel: 01324 556280Website:

The Cruin

Tel: 01389 850263Website:

The Lake of Menteith Hotel

Tel: 01877 385258Website:

The Lovat

Tel: 01456 459250Website:

The Lynnhurst Hotel

Tel: 01505 324331Website:

The Merchants’ Hall

Tel: 0131 220 9283Website:

The National Piping Centre

Tel: 0141 353 5551Website:

The Nethybridge Hotel

Tel: 01479 821203Website:

The Normandy Hotel

Tel: 0141 886 4100Website:

The Old Dr Bells Baths

Tel: 07763 873596

The Parsonage at Dunmore Park

Tel: 01324 831393Website:

The Redhurst Hotel

Tel: 0141 638 6465Website:

The Royal Hotel Oban

Tel: 01631 563021Website:

The Signet Library

Tel: 0131 225 0651Website:

The Station Hotel

Tel: 01738 637 237Website:

The Torrance Hotel

Tel: 01355 225241Website:

The Town House, Hamilton

Tel: 01698 452104Website:

The Vu

Tel: 01506 630808Website:
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