Refresh your wedding drinks menu with Whitebox Cocktails

Add a splash of colour and flavour to your wedding drinks menu with Whitebox Cocktails’ ready-to-serve drinks. Choose from classic cocktails and refreshing flavours to suit your taste and wedding style

Whitebox Cocktails Chipper's Old Fashioned at wedding
Whitebox Cocktails Chipper’s Old Fashioned as a place setting at a wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding menu, it’s not just about the food, with the drinks menu offering a great opportunity to complement your wedding style and show off your personality!

Whitebox Cocktails are shaking up the drinks industry with their award-winning, pre-mixed cocktails which, as it happens, are perfect for weddings.

With no mixing and no mess, the canned cocktails are ideal for offering your guests a choice of drinks without the long wait at a busy wedding bar. With one serving per dinky can, you can serve the drinks as they are or pour them into your choice of cocktail glass with ice and a garnish.

Whitebox Cocktails Disco Baby and Pocket Negroni
Disco Baby and Pocket Negroni from Whitebox Cocktails

With their fun packaging, they also make for eye-catching wedding favours and table décor. You can even add some extra personalisation by adding a handwritten ‘Drink Me’ tag, or using your guests’ fave cocktail as a place setting.

Whitebox Cocktails’ drinks menu

Choose from any of Whitebox Cocktails’ ready-to-serve drinks to create the perfect cocktail menu for your wedding. With classic cocktails like the Pocket Negroni, Classic Cosmo, and Squeezy’s Margarita, as well as some of their unique concoctions like Disco Baby and Hippy Fizz, there’s something to suit every taste.

Whitebox Cocktails Squeezy's Margarita on a table at a wedding
Whitebox Cocktails Squeezy’s Margarita perfectly fits the décor at this wedding.

If you fancy trying them out, the cocktails start from £4.50 with gift packs of cans also available. You can see the full range of Whitebox Cocktails on their website.