Why you should have a wedding website

Wedding websites: what do you need to know and what providers are the best?


Technology has altered our lives beyond belief. It has revolutionised the way we shop, the way we communicate, even the way we date – and now it’s changing the way we plan our nuptials.

Does a one-stop shop to organise guests, menu choices and other admin sound too good to be true? Well, these things really do exist – and you can have one of your own.

“A wedding website is a fantastic way for a couple to share the excitement, build-up and details of their big day,” claims Stephen Arthur of OnePlusOne Wedsites, which came to fruition when he and his partner Ruth wanted to stay involved after a sibling got engaged in Oz.

“Couples can give each guest the information they need to enjoy the wedding without having to repeat themselves over and over. Wedding websites are also great for cutting out some of the stress of getting hitched – eRSVPs and guest management, sharing wedding lists or important links can all be done so easily.”

Okay, we hear you: you’re sold on the idea but, as someone who hasn’t got round to updating the software on their iPhone for two years, how on earth are you supposed to make yourself an entire website? Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think, especially if you follow the well-trodden route of using a business that offers templates – you simply fill in the details of the day, and ta-dah!

“We make your wedmin easy and fun,” promises Lauren Stuckes, web editor of GettingMarried, the UK’s most popular free wedding website service. “Creating a beautifully designed website couldn’t be simpler with our easy-to-use templates. You can keep track of who’s coming with online RSVPs, give your guests hotel recommendations and send them messages, and set up a fully interactive guest book – all in one place.”

If you’re concerned about those all-important four letters (GDPR, of course), then you needn’t worry: all the companies we spoke to assured us that your data (and your guests’ data) will remain private throughout the entire process.

One question remains – when the confetti has settled and the champagne has been drunk, what happens to the website? Most companies will allow a couple’s site to stay up as long as they want, but services like OnePlusOne, which builds custom sites as opposed to offering templates, can really go the extra mile for its customers.

“Our couples can choose what they want to do with it after the wedding,” says Stephen. “We can help transform it into a family website and add to it with holidays (the honeymoon, for starters!), pets, kids, special events – it’s your choice. You get the site of your dreams and we do all the hard work.”

So what are you waiting for? Get started with our guide to the best wedding website services around.

OnePlusOne Wedsites


Bespoke is the word on everyone’s lips in 2019, so why not apply that to your website? “Because we custom-build from scratch, we add a lot of additional features that aren’t possible with a template-based model,” Stephen at OnePlusOne Wedsites explains. So dream big: add a blog, videos, an Insta link, polls, buttons to help guests share content on social media… you name it, they can make it happen.

You can even include password-protected pages so hens and stags can get the lowdown on party plans, or you can create a custom email for the day (i.e. michelle@theobamas.com). Power couples need a powerful website.

Appy Couple


When the first thing so many of us pick up in the morning is our phone, it’s unsurprising that Appy Couple has chosen to focus its energy on creating content that’s compatible with the (new) small screen.

“In today’s digital world, people are looking for interactivity and with our website and app guests can be part of the process by adding photos, messages or toasts,” says Mary at Appy, which has over 500 background designs and the ability to edit, rearrange or hide the sections available. “We also include digital stationery for invitations, thank-yous and so on to streamline communications,” she adds. Co-ordinated couples apply within.



Joy knows that your love story is unique, so it lets couples customise layout, designs, colours and fonts to make their site as individual as their relationship. But this free service likes to take things to the next level. “You can add video and custom pages for things like your proposal story, activities for out-of-town guests, or the wedding day schedule,” says CEO Vishal Joshi.

He also understands how complicated our relationship to privacy can be: “Our website has fine-grain security controls – you could, for instance, make your proposal story public but keep your wedding schedule and location private.”

Getting Married


The devil’s in the detail at GettingMarried. “We take wedding websites one step further by giving you the tools to manage all aspects of your big day, right down to menu choices and song requests,” says Lauren.

She understands that it isn’t just you who has to be able to operate the tech (yes, we’re talking about your granny): “Your website is not only incredibly simple to create, it’s also designed to be super-easy to use.” GettingMarried operates under the Prezola umbrella, and can fully integrate your website and gift list too.

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