You dancer! Scots Highland dancing teen entertains wedding couples


Not many teenagers have the maturity to set up their own business at fifteen, and most who save up only do so for clothes and makeup. Not Morag Paterson. She’s an award-winning professional Highland dancer who’s competed and danced all over the world. Last month she travelled to Canada to compete at the country’s homage to our Highland Games. She’s decided to share her talent, offering her Highland dancing skills performing at weddings to fundraise for her travels.
Morag told us: “I am really proud of my Scottish heritage and think it’s important to promote it both here and abroad. I love weddings and dressing up in traditional costume and proudly displaying our culture adds to the sense of occasion and creates a memorable experience for everyone.
“I danced at a family wedding recently and the guests were so enthusiastic – and not just Scottish guests who love celebrating tradition on special occasions, but also those who had travelled from outside Scotland who were seeing something different for the first time. To be asked to dance at someone’s wedding would be an honour to me.”
You can check out Morag’s dance repertoire and contact her at