Your on-the-day bridal beauty product checklist

Prep and pack for a flawless finish that’ll see you from first look to last dance

BAREPRO Performance Wear liquid foundation, £29, BareMinerals

Primers and finishing sprays still need a long-lasting base to work with, so it's essential you pick the right foundation. You'll want better coverage than a day-to-day makeup without being slathered in a thick, cakey foundation that'll sink into creases and leave you looking like a waxwork. The new BAREPRO Performance Wear by BareMinerals launched earlier this year and has already clinched a mantlepiece full of beauty awards for its breathable, silky texture that offers coverage and longevity normally associated with much heavier products.
Black Orchid hair mist, £50, Tom Ford, available from Selfridges

Those in the know – and with the money – buy their fave fragrance's entire product range. Why? Because a dream team of exfoliator, body wash, moisturiser, and increasingly, a hair perfume, all layer to increase potency. With hugging, slow dancing and romantic posing all on the w-day agenda, having nuzzle-worthy scented hair is exactly the kind of extra behaviour you can get away with. Tom Ford's Black Orchid hair mist has been adapted from the eau de parfum with vitamin B to make hair soft and sleek, but is just as head-turning as the original.
Rapid Relief Spot Treatment, £17, Murad

It's the morning of your wedding and you can feel that dreaded monthly chin spot coming. Before you have a bridezilla meltdown, get things under control with Murad's Rapid Relief Spot Treatment. It contains 2% salicylic acid, a wonder ingredient that dries out spots and reduces redness. A little goes a long with with this product, so a tiny dab is more than enough to tackle most blemishes. Ice the area before application to combat inflammation and swelling.
Pressed powder, £62, Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder

Slinking off halfway through your wedding to re-do your face is way more hassle than it's worth – and likely to undo good work you've paid a professional for – but a quick dusting of pressed powder will take away any shine across your t-zone. Victoria Beckham's collection for Estée Lauder has received rave reviews, and the Skin Perfecting Powder from the Autumn Winter 2017 collection was designed with camera-ready skin in mind. It comes in a chic 1920's-style gold compact that Victoria herself had a hand in designing, and she consulted the beauty brand's extensive product archive to get inspiration for the packaging.
Crushed lip colour, £24, Bobbi Brown

'You may now kiss the bride' doesn't mean a swift air-kiss – prepare to smooch your lippie away all day. The new Crushed lip colour from Bobbi Brown leaves a stained flush in your desired hue so it has more staying power than products that stay on the surface and are easily wiped off. It promises eight hours of fade-proof wear and is available in 20 shades, from vivid fuchsia to more traditional blush and nude tones.
Fragrance Paintbrush in Pomelo, £40, Jo Loves

We've yet to find a fragrance that truly lasts all day, certainly when smelling it on ourselves. But consider your dress and jewellery when you're nipping off for frequent re-spritzes. Perfume can discolour wedding dresses over time, and not everyone can afford the costly dry clean immediately after the big day. Jo Malone's latest venture Jo Loves taps into the fragrance guru's unrivalled nose for iconic scents, but with a thirst for exciting new innovation in the beauty industry. The 'Fragrance Paintbrush' dispenses a gel-like formula with one click from the brush – think a massive Touche Éclat – and allows you to control where it's applied to, hopefully saving your dress in the process. It's available in four scents, with best-seller Pomelo being our pick for bridal.